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What is Turf Logistics?

Turf Logistics is software built for the sod industry.

Every sod business faces unique challenges. For sod distributors, Turf Logistics provides enterprise-level routing and driver apps to streamline your delivery and installation business. For sod farms, our apps will manage orders, invoices, harvesting, accounting, and delivery. Even customer communication is a breeze when real-time information is updated as weather, traffic, and other variables affect the customer experience.  Best of all, Turf Logistics solves the complex back-end logistical hurdles to make online sales seamless. Now your business can launch a fully automated ecommerce platform to sell grass 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technology is changing the way consumers buy sod. Be on the leading edge with Turf Logistics.


Sod Farm Management ERP

Turf Logistics is the #1 cloud software platform for sod farms. It is built from the ground up specifically for the unique needs and challenges of sod farming. Farms across the US and Australia rely on Turf Logistics to keep their customers, management, office staff, field workers, and drivers connected while reducing redundant information entry. Whether your farm is 100 acres or 10,000 acres or operating from one location or multiple, the Turf Logistics modular platform can deliver value based on the specific needs and pain points of your farm.

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Turf Logistics Routing

Offered as part of our full ERP system or as a standalone service, Turf Logistics routing makes managing sod shipping logistics easy. Sod is a perishable product that must be cut and delivered efficiently. Turf Logistics Routing offers many significant benefits over traditional routing and dispatch software because it is written in the language of sod. Ship pallets, big rolls, sprigs, and more using our innovative spaces system. Manage your internal and external driver profitability. Communicate delivery expectations to customers automatically. If you ship sod, you owe it to you and your staff to try Turf Logistics Routing.

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ClickSod Ecommerce

If you sell sod, you’ve probably struggled with managing weather, freight availability, and product availability. Turf Logistics makes this process run seamlessly, especially at scale, as it tracks relevant data and updates it in real-time.

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ClickSod Websites

If your website isn’t earning revenue and closing sales, it is not doing its job. ClickSod Websites makes it easy to have a professional, revenue producing storefront for your business that allows customers to purchase sod and accompanying products online.  Our design team can create a customized website to launch a round-the-clock sales platform for your business.

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