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E-Commerce with Turf Logistics

If you sell sod, you have probably considered selling it online, but realized it is pretty tough since weather, freight availability, and product availability data would be needed to make it run smoothly, especially at scale. Turf Logistics tracks relevant data and updates it in real-time to make selling online seamless.

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Integrates with Turf Logistics

ClickSod E-commerce is driven by your Turf Logistics data. When a customer requests sod, it confirms delivery zones, route availability, weather, and truck availability to provide delivery dates and pricing.

Generate Qualified Leads

In areas where delivery is not yet set up, generate sales leads with customer name, quantity requested, delivery date, and delivery address to provide quotes seamlessly.

Sell Unused Truck Space

Most sod farms and distributors don’t realize how many open spaces on trucks there are every day. Make those spaces available for retail customers to purchase online.

Multiple Sales Channels

Sell through your website or sodsolutions.com, opening up multiple sales channels to market  products 24 hours per day.

Reduce phone calls

Selling online reduces the time your staff needs to be on the phone or providing quotes.

Website Creation

If you have a WordPress website, ClickSod can be installed through a plugin quickly. If you need a website, our team can help. Learn about the ClickSod Website Program.